Lotus & Sky reinvents classic sprouting
in pure glass and stainless steel.

Bring the secret power of sprouts
into your life – with ease!
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"Fifty cups of broccoli or one cup of broccoli
sprouts... Which would you prefer?"
                                                     Dr. Emily Ho  
Oregon State University  

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Grow MICROGREENS right on you windowsill with our
Lotus and Sky Microgreens Kit.

You don't need expensive lights, space-consuming nursery flats or a greenhouse to grow your own microgreens. Our kit contains everything you need to grow super-nutritious microgreens in your
​own home.

This proven system lets you grow microgreens at a fraction of the cost of those sold in stores. Harvest them at the peak of freshness, right before you eat them. Just a teaspoon to a tablespoon of seeds grows into a small forest of colorful, tasty microgreens in 7 to 10 days. 
Studies have shown that microgreens contain about five times the nutrients of mature plants

​​Designed for convenience and ease, this starter kit gives you everything you need to grow microgreens for yourself and your family. It comes with a complete book of instructions and recipes, ceramic planting bowls, planting media, all the tools you'll need for planting and harvesting, and four packs of organic seeds—enough for twelve bowls of microgreens.

By the time you have finished these seeds, you'll be eager to explore the wealth of flavors and colors available in the world of microgreens—and you'll have favorites you'll return to again and again. Cooks will love the freshness and flavor. Gardeners will love being able to grow food indoors in the winter. Weight watchers will love the nutrition packed into the low-calorie morsels. Kids will love watching the tiny plants grow to eating size in just a week. Fun for ages 8 to 88 and more. 

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